FlexiSPY the Ultimate Phone Spy

There are many times in an individual’s life where some circumstances and unexplainable events have them second guessing their current situation, relationships, and sometimes even self worth, but with FlexiSPY on their side they can permanently wave goodbye to those moments. There hasn’t been cell phone spy software created out there with as much audacity and fervency as this one. It aims to seek out the truth, reveal the lies, and catch every cheating, conniving, deceiving individual red handed. And if you’re the party on the other side, there’s no other cell phone spy software that you can better trust to get the job done.

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Is FlexiSPY the Ultimate Phone Spy?

When it comes to the best of the best, there’s none other than this software. Some reviewers would easily put it at number one on a list of top ten cell phone spy software. While others may beg to differ, one thing everyone can agree on is the effective and precise performance of this software making it the ideal phone spy companion for anyone who’s searching for some answers.

Of all the spy software available on the market, this one has the most innovative and highly advanced features giving its users the most optimal spying experience. As far as overall quality, ease of experience, consumer reviews, and customer service this software has been rated above a 90% which easily makes FlexiSPY the ultimate phone spy.

What features make FlexiSPY the Ultimate Phone Spy?

When you think of a phone spy, an image of an Android phone dressed in a tuxedo case with a martini in one hand and a gun in the other may come to mind. Though this software may not look intimidating on the outside, its inner workings are as sophisticated and highly intelligent as 007 himself. Some features of this spy software include:

  • Read SMS messages and Emails. The ability to read incoming and outgoing SMS messages as well as email sent to and from the target phone is made possible with this software. All the data is then sent to your online account.
  • GPS Tracking. Locate the exact location of your target phone (or user) with the GPS feature. It’ll place the coordinates of the location on a map for you to see. This feature can still be used even if your device does not support GPS.
  • Full Remote Control (available with LIGHT, PRO, and PRO-X). FlexiSPY gives you total control of the target phone with just a quick send of a secret SMS message that will instantly trigger this feature.
  • Call Log History. Find out exactly who your target has been calling, how often, what times, and how long the phone calls lasted. This works for both incoming and outgoing phone calls.
  • SIM Change Notification (available with PRO and PRO-X). If ever your target phone/user changes SIM cards FlexiSPY will send you an SMS to a specified number which allows you to know the new number of the phone and continue spying abilities.
  • Spy Call (available with PRO and PRO-X). Activate this feature by secretly calling the target phone. It will then turn on letting you listen in and hear the phone’s surrounding sounds and any ongoing conversations in its proximity.
  • Call Intercept (available only with PRO-X). Listen in on active phone calls from numbers that you have specified. If calls are made to or from these numbers on the target phone, you’ll instantly be notified by SMS on your mobile. Call the target phone to secretly get connected to the phone.

FlexiSPY is supported by the following devices: Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows mobile phones, and Symbian smart phones.

How much does software like FlexiSPY cost?

Just because phone spy software is this sophisticated it doesn’t mean it’ll cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, the most basic level of this software is a mere $39.99 for a 3 month subscription. You can gather an immense amount of information and evidence in that short yet productive period of time. For more features that’ll better serve your spying needs, upgrade to these affordable versions:

  • LIGHT; $149
  • PRO; $249
  • PRO-X for the most extreme spying activities; $349

You don’t have to be an expert international spy or a rocket scientist to use FlexiSPY

Anyone with a compatible device and a basic knowledge of computers can use this spy software. It’s as easy as setting up a Facebook account, which almost everyone nowadays has. Once you’ve purchased the software it’s simply the matter of downloading it into the target phone’s web browser, restarting the phone after download is complete, then entering the activation code and FlexiKEY number and voila, let the spying begin!

Whether you’re a worried parent, a suspicious spouse, or just a very paranoid individual who has trusts issues this cell phone spy software is the answer to all your problems. No longer will you have to do the difficult task of finding the answers and digging up the truth yourself, let FlexiSPY the ultimate phone spy do it for you.

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  1. Tony says:

    Just Bought after reading this review. its expensive but i think its Number 1.

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